Broker to Open Futures Commodity Trading Account

Before we can trade any futures commodity instruments (products), we need to open an account and fund the account with the minimum initial margin required to trade specific instrument. Margin will be determined by exchange and will keep changing base on supply, demand, weather and various condition and situation. Brokerage search is the initial step to trade futures commodity.

List of broker in Malaysia to trade Futures Crude Palm Oil can be found in Bursa Malaysia Derivative website (Click on the link).


List of International broker to trade Futures Commodity instrument can be found in CMEGroup website (Click on the link).


How about if one broker I found in the Internet is not listed neither on BMD nor on CMEGroup?

Just leave it and forget about it. No matter how nice their offer. All brokerage must be compliance with strict regulation, then only they can get listed in the legal exchange broker directory.

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