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Change to Celcom, Maxis, DiGi or U Mobile?

If you have a mobile phone number starting with 012,people will directly interpret you as Maxis user, same with 019 (Celcom), 016 (DiGi) or 018 (U Moblie). Phone number plays a vital role for everyone. Let say you has used your phone number about several years and already known by partner, friends and family. But sometimes there are a matter that caused you feel less satisfied with current service providers or operator, then you want to exchange to other operators. For sure it is difficult to inform all of your acquaintance about your new number. Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the solution for the above problem.

Although it only trivial reason to some user, but MNP‘s facility capable to provide alternative service provider for telecommunications user in Malaysia.

But Malaysia is not the first country which provide MNP‘s services. Other country such as Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Pakistan, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Romania already doing MNP about several years ago.

Lets take a look at several offers from telco service provider in Malaysia regarding MNP issue:

Offer From Celcom
The most clear Line coverage
The most faster, and widest coverage in Malaysia.

Offer From DiGi
Provide services package without trouble to the customer.
No fee for prepaid user to continue active in 365 days.
Free activation without deposit to the postpaid user.
More Info Here

Offer From Maxis
Provide more than 3000 locations of Maxis Center to exchange to Maxis.
Transfer implementation without paper or online at Maxis website.
More Info why choose Maxis Here

Offer From U Mobile
No processing fee to move to U Mobile.
RM10 credited to new account that successfully transfer to U Mobile.
Accept 10 free SMS for each use RM10 until maximum 110 SMS for each top up (valid until the end of year 2008).

Three easy steps to migrate your current number to new service provider:
1.    Go to the service center or registered agent, make application to oust your number.
2.    Fill in the Service Registration form and make payment levied for the application process. You would be given with a new SIM card.
3.    After your application approved, new service supervisor will inform you that your phone number successfully transferred, activated and ready to use.

However, according to Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM), only active number can be transferred to another telco service provider. This mean user don’t have to terminate with their current service provider. Difficulty will arise if user have any overdue bill or has contract with present telecommunications service provider. Therefore, pay your bill first :)

For prepaid user, credit balance will not be return or evacuate and will disappear automatically once the number successfully moved. Usually the transferring process will take less than 5 days for individual number. While less than 10 days for business number.

MNP undeniably will give more benefit to user and depend on user to choose the best telecommunications service. However, user must alert because after this they will not know whether the number that they dial is belong to the same service provider or not.

How to Change Your Existing Telco to Celcom
How to Change Your Existing Telco to Maxis

Far EastChange to Celcom, Maxis, DiGi or U Mobile?
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63 comments on “Change to Celcom, Maxis, DiGi or U Mobile?

  1. Syimayusuf on said:

    Salam. Maaf, nak tanya. Macam mana prosedur nak tukar dari num maxis ke celcom. And lau sim ni atas nama org lain, mcm mna nak tukar?

  2. Adi Mohd rozi bin Mohd yassin on said:

    Mcm mna nk tukar pelan maxis ke digi easy

  3. Shahdan on said:

    Can i port my broadband from digi to celcom?

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