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Change to Celcom, Maxis, DiGi or U Mobile?

If you have a mobile phone number starting with 012,people will directly interpret you as Maxis user, same with 019 (Celcom), 016 (DiGi) or 018 (U Moblie). Phone number plays a vital role for everyone. Let say you has used your phone number about several years and already known by partner, friends and family. But sometimes there are a matter that caused you feel less satisfied with current service providers or operator, then you want to exchange to other operators. For sure it is difficult to inform all of your acquaintance about your new number. Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the solution for the above problem.

Although it only trivial reason to some user, but MNP‘s facility capable to provide alternative service provider for telecommunications user in Malaysia.

But Malaysia is not the first country which provide MNP‘s services. Other country such as Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Pakistan, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Romania already doing MNP about several years ago.

Lets take a look at several offers from telco service provider in Malaysia regarding MNP issue:

Offer From Celcom
The most clear Line coverage
The most faster, and widest coverage in Malaysia.

Offer From DiGi
Provide services package without trouble to the customer.
No fee for prepaid user to continue active in 365 days.
Free activation without deposit to the postpaid user.
More Info Here

Offer From Maxis
Provide more than 3000 locations of Maxis Center to exchange to Maxis.
Transfer implementation without paper or online at Maxis website.
More Info why choose Maxis Here

Offer From U Mobile
No processing fee to move to U Mobile.
RM10 credited to new account that successfully transfer to U Mobile.
Accept 10 free SMS for each use RM10 until maximum 110 SMS for each top up (valid until the end of year 2008).

Three easy steps to migrate your current number to new service provider:
1.    Go to the service center or registered agent, make application to oust your number.
2.    Fill in the Service Registration form and make payment levied for the application process. You would be given with a new SIM card.
3.    After your application approved, new service supervisor will inform you that your phone number successfully transferred, activated and ready to use.

However, according to Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM), only active number can be transferred to another telco service provider. This mean user don’t have to terminate with their current service provider. Difficulty will arise if user have any overdue bill or has contract with present telecommunications service provider. Therefore, pay your bill first :)

For prepaid user, credit balance will not be return or evacuate and will disappear automatically once the number successfully moved. Usually the transferring process will take less than 5 days for individual number. While less than 10 days for business number.

MNP undeniably will give more benefit to user and depend on user to choose the best telecommunications service. However, user must alert because after this they will not know whether the number that they dial is belong to the same service provider or not.

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60 comments on “Change to Celcom, Maxis, DiGi or U Mobile?

  1. bagus gak.tapi maxis punyer line teruk sangat.dah giveup pakai maxis.coverage hancus.

  2. Far East on said:

    Then, what are you waiting 4?
    I just change service provider from Maxis to ….
    Maxis mahal…

  3. Syahrom on said:

    Bagus lg pakai celcom.. Klu dulu 8 org teman blh dpt murah skg celcom blue 20 org.. Line pun clear.. Duduk pedalaman sabah pun ada line.. Maxis dulu masa aku pkai punyalah mahal.. Cekik darah.. Topup rm10 sehari blh abis.

  4. Aku baru jek tukar no DiGi aku 016 aku kepada Celcom. X spai dua hari kad celcom aku leh guna. aku subscribe celcom blue. bye2 DiGi. Its time to change DiGi not always the smartest choice…

  5. Far East on said:

    Well, one of the telco provider said, the power is in your hands..then, make your smarter choice :D

  6. yeah, i am surveying celcom right now.
    want to change from maxis…

    hard to find maxis coverage at my home and surprisingly I only lived at Keramat.

    p.s. the impossible things happen to me -> no maxis line at KLCC for around 3 seconds,duhh…

  7. RiLY11 Thanks for good post

  8. Fish.40 on said:

    btul.. mse utk berubah..
    maxis teruk gile kt area aku..
    asik2 no coverage..
    bkn duk pedalaman pn.. duk kt bndar
    aku dh 5 thn pkai maxis..
    cmni ke diorg jge hti pelangan?

  9. digi-to-u on said:

    aku pula, dari digi ke U-mobile. Digi buat mase ni takde video calls. Nak switch to line yg ade video calls support. Maxis mahal, celcom mahal…tapi…U-mobile, Video atau Voice calls charge 0.2 sen sesaat. Ingat, bukan “2 sen” tau tapi “0.2″ sen sesaat and tak charge calls ikut block macam Maxis, Digi, Celcom dll. Klau Maxis u gune 61 saat, dia charge ikut block. Tapi kalau u-mobile, die cume charge 0.2 sen x 61 saat, so u cume kene charge 12.4 sen. oh ye, kalau takde u-mobile punye line kat mane2 area, Celcom dah covered coz u-mobile dgn Celcom ade deal on coverage…so tak takut pasal coverage dah.

  10. Far East on said:

    @Fish.40 : Aik..phone u problem kot..try cek balek..hihi..

    @digi-to-u : Waaa..ini dia, sape mau tuka ke U-Mobile bleh la contact2 digi-to-u :) Rasenye die nie dealer U-Mobile kot..hihi..tapi mmg murah la U-Mobile, tp terpulang kpd anda semua..pilihan di tangan anda..:D

  11. digi- ipoh no coverage at all n my digi sucks like hell. follow me bt the bar always low at sum place n the bar drop till 1 ..

  12. Always with the biggest Community – definetely CELCOM.
    NOW EVERYONE CAN PORTED IN TO CELCOM ONLINE @ http://www.celcom.com.my/mnp as easy as 123…

    Berbaloi -baloi beb…

  13. I used Maxis since 2002. I got main line + subline for my wife. Every month paid RM 189. Pay buta only because I don’t use it so frequent as last time. Cannot change package because of contract. Never mind. BUT I use Maxis since 2002. I never default my payment. BUT Since 2002, nothing was given to me as TOKEN! By 22nd Nov, my contract will end. I will change to DIGI or CELCOM. I not decide yet which one but I definitely will change from maxis. Coverage so poor even in town area. Talk not even 3 second , cut off already. I think they deliberately do it to cheat us money. I will test with other telco and if they can offer me better Broadband package, I will change the broadband too. Currently, I paid nearly RM 320 to maxis every month. THis money would be better spent if not given to maxis. BYe Bye maxis…

    • Far East on said:

      Chow, I suggest u to use celcom 1+5 package. I am not Celcom agent, but from my experience Celcom give us better package than other telco.
      Celcom 1+5, main line = RM50 per month (minimum) + subline RM5 (minimum). If you want, you may opt either Broadband Advance or Basic package as a VAS on top of your current Voice plan and no upfront payment is required.
      By the way, Digi offer great offer as well but, the main disadvantage of Digi was 3G….no 3G, no video call..then, no point we use Blackberry or any Nokia E-Series if we can’t make video call..hehe

  14. foolkiller on said:

    Celcom tak payah pakai la… dah guna same number from celcom for last 5 years… masuk 2nd bill jer terus kena potong, no exception… dah a few times dah jadik so kalau bayar bill cepat boleh lah ambik celcom… kalau terbz ker terbanjir ker tak payah lah pakai celcom…

    i’m migrating to another service… sales/agent do your thing…

  15. budakdusun on said:

    im going to change celcom to digi…celcom is a total suck!i cant even receive messages for almost 2 weeks!!

  16. betul tu budakdusun, aku migrate to digi from celcom sbb messages tu la. Aku kene nearly sebulan. Hampir setiap hari aku complain, sampai hari ni still takde pape. Credit aku ttbe kene tolak, aku call celcom die suruh tunggu 24 jam. At last, da 3 minggu celcom curik credit aku. **** celcom.

  17. cuppies on said:

    hi all,
    my questions might sound funny, but i seriously don’t understand about ‘charging u at 1 second, 30 second or 60 seconds per block’. can someone explain.
    i am looking for cheapest plan for couples, i am using postpaid for years and my bf is using digi. i pay around RM200 – RM250 per month to maxis. at first he plan to switch to maxis family plus, then we both plan to swith to celcom. we make lots of phone calls and we text each other a lot. i’ve read an article, U mobile sound like giving a good deal too. So i am torn, which one should i choose. any help?

    • Far East on said:

      Hi Cuppies, I personally use Celcom 1+5 with my gf and my other 2 friends. It is really great plan. Text, voice, mms and even video call are totally FREE between my gf, my 2 friends and me (1200 minutes/month). About the fees (minimum):
      Main : RM50 / month
      Sub: RM 5 / month (each sub – up to 5 sub)
      It still worth to pay RM50/month than RM200-RM250 / month.

  18. cuppies on said:

    Thank u far east, i am considering to convert to digi very soon. both of us went to digi counter, i think digi provide very attractive packages for couples & family too because they didnt limited the voice call and the text messages per month but with a lil extra cost for sub.
    main : RM50/month
    sub: RM30/month

  19. celcom line yang paling bagus, kalau tak nape dia dapat axiata group. mak dan ayah saya guna celcom sejak dah lama, habis sekolah mak saya belikan no celcom kat saya,bila dah keje saya tukar jadi line plan pospaid c500 minutes,untuk keluarga, saya tukarkan plan 1+5 lebih jimat.Saudara mara saya pun semua guna celcom,dimana pedalaman pun tak jadi masaalah.Celcom tak pernah mendatangkan masaalah pada kami sekeluarga..thank you celcom.

  20. saya pakai postpaid maxis untuk couple…plan nak tukar celcom, maxis line tak cover semua area.masalahnya sekarang, ingin tahu protokol dan cara untuk tukar postpaid maxis to celcom postpaid family plan..macamane caranya? tqvm

  21. mohd faizal on said:

    gua tinggal kat jinjang , kepong. dulu pakai celcom broadband, very the teruk one. somebody told me to use u mobile.very good. tak pecaya trylah.

    • Far East on said:

      Now I am using Celcom Blackberry (BIS), very the laju one..kalau download file, up to 400kbps, average biase tak lari 200kbps. U Mobile kalau download file berapa speed eh?

  22. LAYAN on said:



  23. terung iban on said:

    kenpa u pack celcom tak dapat tukar g hotlink punye line..susah la macam nie..celcom byk janji kosong..

  24. Celcom blackberry postpaid
    standard $68 (500mb), unlimited $98 (3gb)

    Maxis blackberry postpiad
    basic $48 (5mb), standard $55 (10mb), advance $120 (3gb)

    Digi blackberry postpaid
    Unlimited $68 sebulan

    Celcom Blackberry prepaid
    BBM $0.50 sehari, Social $1.00 sehari, Advance 2.50 sehari

    Maxis Blackberry prepaid
    Daily BIS Plan $2.50, Weekly BIS Plan $28.00, Monthly BIS Plan $98.00

    Digi Blackberry prepaid
    Unlimited $2 sehari

    Paling Mahal MAXIS, Paling Murah Digi
    tapi Digi leceh sket sebab masuk kawasan tertutup/terlindung seperti basement parking etc sure takde line.

  25. hi sy dealer celcom biz kalau berminat nak tukar plan atau nak lebih info tentang plan celcom yg ada tolong email saya di glennsim28@yahoo.com dan saya sedia membantu.

  26. neo orange on said:


  27. Celcom punye service bbm macam Vavi!!!! Aku topap rm30, dah active bbm service rm0.50 sehari.. Lepastu phone aku tak gune untuk outgoing call atau SMS langsung just special untuk bbm je.. Cause aku pakai ip4 maxis utk outgoing call.. Tapi credit aku selalu kene telan ngan celcom rm17 atau Lebih!! Kimak betul celcom nie.. Tau tau je credit aku habis!! Bila aku call Custermer service die Kate die tak tau ape2.. Problem ni Bukan aku sorg je yang kene semua family aku yang pakai celcom bodoh nie pon kene gak.. Kawan2 aku semua pon same.. Cara celcom nak buat duit habis kan credit pengguna.. >:(

  28. hussain on said:

    port port number handphone ni kan menyusahkan btul i port maxis ke u mobile kebaikanya cakap banyak banyak credit lambat habis tapi klu kita ada guna internet banking one time pin nya tak sampai sampai klu request online bill payment haiya….jadinya i port balik operator asal buang karan btul la

  29. Freedome on said:

    Mau tnye.. u mobile broadband ade coverage x kat penang. jmti (institut teknikal jepun malaysia)… huhuhu.

    emel me : kalamazooboy_90@yahoo.com

  30. 12345nanananana on said:

    btol ke u mobile prepaid broadband plg murah 40igt?!pleaz rply!!

  31. Saya pun plan nak tukar dari maxis ke celcom.

  32. Is U mobile ok compared to other telco?

    • Far East on said:

      Guys, which telco is better? it is depends on your needs. For example:
      [+] you need call or sms?
      [+] pospaid or prepaid?
      [+] mobile internet?
      [+] how many people you want to call for free
      My personal ‘bias‘ thought, maxis can give you the most expensive rate. hahahaha :D

  33. afiq khan on said:

    i dah bole pakai nombor umobile i tpi dua nombor i active. i xtau macam mana nak matikan nombor maxis. i dah fed up sgt dgn maxis

  34. chung shik yee on said:

    saya nak tau…digi boleh check location maps celcom atau maxiska???

  35. wandyhee on said:

    sekarang ni sy pakai celcom prepaid. reload rm10 limit seminggu kalau tak silap. kalau dah expired nak reply msg fb pun x dapat.. walaupun masih ada rm3 lagi balance. kalau digi macam mana pulak. ingat nak campak celcom ni jauh2

  36. wandyhee on said:

    of couse we need top up the credit, but what is the period they give for certain amount of top up? do you have answer?

  37. mutahir shah on said:

    i want to change celcom to u mobile

  38. Hey, nk tnya aq dok pantai dlm, kl. Mcm mana nk tukar maxis ke umoblie. Sbb pkai galaxy tab. Nak guna internet everyday. Maxis mahal. kat mana umobile centre?

  39. Hi Far East,
    If I want to switch from Maxis Supplement Line to Digi Smart Plan without changing current number, can I just directly go Digi center to change it?

  40. dg sangat terukkkk bagi bonus anggap kita serupa mintak serekah contoh bagi rm20 bonusnya buat paggilan 36sen sampai bonus habis lagi teruk bila bonus diguna ke internet kejap je pupus

  41. celcom10yearuser on said:

    Celcom skrg service teruklah.. sending sms waiting/pending, 5 min kemudian baru delivered.. kadang fail! lagi teruk kalau call xda dapat! bgus tukar ke maxis.. line dg sd ada tapi coverage masih xda luas.. masuk lif trus hilang..

  42. been with maxis since 2001 thats like 11years.. no issues accept for rediculous charges should data exceed limit. choose prepaid always top up 80 per month.. changed to postpaid with 100 then became 150.. take package 155 then bill became 200.. take package 250 bill became 290..

    wth? then changed to celcom.. yes coverage is great but useless drop calls, undelivered sms/mms.. data speed like snail.. ugly online service interface.. bit hell.. at least may package of 118 never exceeded 130..

  43. mcm mane nk tukar maxis ke u mobile dgn nombor sme

  44. john rocco on said:

    i has been using celcom almost more than 12 yrs now. from prepaid to post paid…from nokia to blackberry. i stayed almost all places in malaysia. so far no coverage prob except when my phone broke. internet service very fast but depend on what plan u take. little bit expensive so more faster. conclusion is i am very satisfy with celcom (pls take note im not celcom dealer just a user like u all)

  45. tony moey on said:

    i used Maxis for 10 years, i got charged so much for just internet download that i didn’t know… i switched to Digi… so much better, then the Digi also slowed down, now i am planning to switch to U-Mobile. I have started using U-mobile for broadband… 9.28 Mbps…super fast!

  46. hii.. nk tnye, ade ke cara nk tukar no u mobile ke maxis tanpa perlu g ke maxis centre..?? please reply.. =D

  47. jimy sam on said:

    Tolonhlah bagi line coverage mobile internet di taiping perak…kalaau lagi meluas di semua tempat kan lagi bagus sebab buat masa ni line u mobile sangat bagus. Untuk lebih bagus lagi buatlah line di taiping perak dan di tanah merah kelantan tlong ye…..hehe

  48. nak tanya.boleh tak tukar dari celcom prepaid ke u mobile prepaid.klu x boleh kenapa?

  49. Aku ade kemusykilan saudare semua..

    Skrg ni aku guna maxis prepaid.. Rase nak tukar ke celcom prepaid tapi masih nak kekalkan nombor maxis tu..
    Problem skrg aku kena blacklist celcom postpaid dulu..
    Agak2 boleh x aku nk tukar nombor maxis aku tu jadi celcom prepaid.. Bukan celcom postpaid???
    Tolong bagi penjelasan sape2 yg tau..

  50. Caster on said:

    I’m umobile prepaid user . Let says if I want change to maxis prepaid do I need to pay money ? If yes how much ?

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