Salam & Greetings, I am Faiz Sulaiman

I am a full-time IT engineer, yet part-time futures trader and coder. Now living in Kuala Lumpur with my small happy family. I always excited about futures trading. With knowledge and expertise as an IT engineer, I learn about trading performance and trading statistics to relate it to trading automation or so call algorithm trading

What I can do

I create a unique approach for each reader to ensure that their objectives are met, success is achieved and my reader are happy. Though I am an IT Engineer with full of Oracle Database skillset, but I have the following expertise as well

Web Design

I can help you with developing a web such as blog and e-commerce using WordPress platform. Up to you wether you want the basic shopping cart or want it to be integrate with membership or affiliate?

Futures Trading

I have been a trader since 2006 and started with FX. But after got to know fx is prohibited for Muslim then I moved to Futures trading. Anyone trade futures or would like to learn futures trading?

Fine Tune Trading

Anyone have involved in any trading in any instruments? I mean day trader or position trader; futures or stock perhaps?. Have you encounter problem on your trading technique? want to improve winning percentage of your own technique? let me know

Algorithm Trading

Basically we are trading by looking into chart. But, as my age increasing I need to get something to help me in trading decision. Algorithm trading maybe an option and I working into it.

A few of my skills

I’m engineer cum trader crazy in love with my red and green candlestick chart. I do all kind of geometry art on my chart and happy to work on black and white CLI screen.


My Work

I create a unique process for each client to ensure that their objectives are met, success is achieved and people are happy.

WR1 – Basic Class

WR1 – Basic Class

The training was held on 22 August last year (2015). WR Team and I am conducted a basic technical analysis training base on Wave Retracement 1 (WR1) Technique invented by Wafi Azian founder. Introduction to Futures Market Understanding on market structure Understanding on type of trader Understanding on frequent candlestick pattern on FCPO trading WR1

Panduan Simulasi Pasaran Hadapan

Panduan Simulasi Pasaran Hadapan

Langkah demi langkah untuk melakukan simulasi pasaran hadapan. Melakukan simulasi pada chart berdasarkan historical data adalah perkara paling mustahak dalam trading. Ia boleh menjimatkan masa kita untuk test keberkesanan sesuatu teknik.

Latest Project

Some of my latest projects.

  • Perkongsian engineering dalam trading. Yang mana mampu untuk memudahkan trading decision dalam split second. Seterusnya menambah baik kualiti trading.

Lets work together

I’m always happy and excited to discuss new projects. If you need help on your ecommerce projects, your Oracle database problem, your Futures Trading project or feel like your trading technique need some touch. Let me know.

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My Stori

Nampak Chart Fikir Saham Forex, Futures Trading?

Bagi saya, adalah normal bagi masyarakat di Malaysia untuk kenal saham dan forex berbanding Pasaran Hadapan atau Futures Trading. Bila ditunjukkan bar chart atau candlestick, mesti automatik jawapan yang akan diterima adalah Saham atau Forex. Mengapa ya agaknya? Chart Crude Oil Futures Tahukah anda yang selain dari 2 jenis market yang popular ini (saham dan

Kos Untuk Trading Futures Commodity Market

Biasanya orang akan tanya, berapa modal yang diperlukan untuk mula trade di Futures Commodity Market. Jawapan mudah adalah, bergantung kepada kapasiti individu dan initial margin yang ditetapkan oleh Exchange di mana sesuatu instrument futures itu didagangkan. Initial Margin? Apa benda tu? Nak tahu apa yang dimaksudkan dengan initial margin? Ia adalah modal minimum yang diperlukan

Tools Penting Untuk Intraday Trader Futures – Scheduled Order

Nature intraday trader adalah open dan close position dalam hari yang sama sebelum end of day session. Untuk Crude Oil, sesi intraday bermula dari 6:00AM sehingga 5:00AM waktu Malaysia. Jadi semua position mestilah ditutup sebelum 4.59AM waktu Malaysia, jika tidak maintenance margin akan berkuat kuasa dan jumlah balance dalam akaun + unrealise P/L mestilah cukup